Rudolf Leuzinger

Rudolf LeuzingerRudolf Leuzinger (1826–1896) was a cartographer and lithographer, trained and worked by Jakob M. Ziegler and Johann Ulrich Wurster in Winterthur, Switzerland. Fostered by Ziegler, Leuzinger soon shone as map engraver, for which he became well known. Amongst others, he worked for Napoleon III in Paris (1860) and for the Cantonal Forest and Building Department in Berne (1861–1868). From 1868 onwards he worked for the Federal Topographic Bureau (today: swisstopo), where he engraved high-mountain-sheets of both the Dufour and Siegfried map series, which are famous for their vivid monochrome depiction. He edited over 200 maps.

Specialized in mountain cartography, he was heavily involved as map engraver in producing the Swiss Alpine Club Maps. His pioneering work includes coloured shaded relief produced by lithographic printing. From 1881 on he worked in his own studio. Leuzinger received various international awards for his academic, touristic, alpine and military maps.